• Present2021

    Founder, Chief Scientist

    Moneta Sapiens

  • Measuring the absolute ``Utility Value`` of a currency using information theory
  • Calculating exchange rates based on the relative utility values of the respective coins
  • Currency trading based on the calculated fluctuations to currency exchange rates
  • 20192017

    Director of Technology, Board member

    Encrypgen LLC

  • Oversee and guide technical design and architecture strategy
  • Build a proprietary blockchain for storing DNA information using Multichain
  • Issuing cryptocoin ($DNA) and selling it (Initial Coin Offering)
  • Creating crypto Wallets, accounts, and transactions using Ethereum's erc20 token
  • Smart contracts

I advise high-tech, fintech, health services, and charity groups on designing, developing and re-engineering large software systems; choosing, combining and implementing machine learning algorithms; and on forecasting technological change (read on).

  • Present2002


    High-tech, fintech, health services and charity groups (read on)

  • Designing, developing and re-engineering large software systems
  • Choosing, combining and implementing machine learning algorithms
  • Trend-analysis and technological forecasting

Since 1992 I have taken part in planning, evolving, and implementing the design and architecture of software platforms, infrastructure and applications, and consulting on the migration to object-oriented programming; as well as choosing, comparing, and implementing of machine learning algorithms. During my professional career I have worked as a programmer and software designer, consulting start-ups, multinationals and hedge funds in Tel Aviv, London and East Anglia, during which I had the pleasure of programming in object-oriented (C++, Java, Smalltalk, Eiffel), logic (PROLOG), functional (Scheme), imperative (C, Pascal, Basic, COBOL, Fortran), modular (Ada) and machine (various architectures) programming languages.

  • Java programming; Eclipse plugins
  • 19991994


    Start-up & Corporate clients
    Tel Aviv High-Tech

  • Design & architecture of software platforms, infrastructure & applications: planning, evolving, and implementing

    Object-oriented programming: planning, staff training, and migrating legacy code (re-engineering)

  • C++ programming
  • 19931992

    C++ Programmer

    Elscint Ltd, Haifa Scientific Industries Center

  • C++ programming